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Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen

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Since 1981, Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen has devoted himself almost exclusively to studies involving food intake and the human body. He was also a consultant for Braun-Bruneau Laboratories from 1982 to 1986. There, he developed the principles of hyper protein solutes in cases of severe protein malnutrition.

From 2000 onwards, he has written several books including Savoir Maigrir (Know How to Lose Weight), Au Bonheur de Maigrir (The Happiness of Losing Weight), and Bien Manger en Famille (Eating Well with Family), in collaboration with Patrick Serog. He introduces the innovative concept of a "universal system" in his bestselling book, Maigrir : Le Grande Mensonge (Weight Loss: The Great Lie). His latest offering, Il n'y a pas d'âge pour séduire (Seduction Is Ageless) shows his passion and commitment to his work.

For two decades, Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen has been a regular guest on popular French television and radio programs. He is married with three lovely daughters.

It's more than a diet,
it's a way of living!

"For a weight loss plan to work, it must not feel like a diet. To turn it into a real lifestyle, it must be enjoyable, sustainable, and flexible."

The Parisian Diet in the Media. (Roll over to read)

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